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CALL 773-294-7335 with any questions or to schedule an appointment. is the home of Chicago Mold Testing; offering unbiased Mold Inspections to all of Chicagoland. The most trusted company in Illinois when it comes to determining the presence and source of indoor air quality issues. We offer unbiased Chicago Mold inspections at the best price around. If you are concerned about the environment in your home or business or are in the need of restoration due to water damage, hiring us should be the first step you should take. Our results are very detailed and take all the guess work out of what is going on in you home or business. The service doesn’t stop once your appointment is completed. We provide you with a detailed protocol for mold removal if it is necessary. We only handle the inspection aspect so you know the results we give you are facts; NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST!!

You have probably found this site because you are concerned you have problems with mold in your home or business and are interested in a mold inspection Chicago. Chances are, that you are unsure about the process or dont even know how it works unless you have dealt with removal or water restoration issues in the past. We are here to take the guess work out and be there to answer any questions you may have about the process. Most importantly, we figure out exactly what is going on with your indoor air quality; heres how.

The process begins once you call us 773-294-7335 to setup an appointment. Our inspector will meet you at the designated location; on time, every time. Once there, they will start with a complete visual inspection of the property assessing your biggest concerns. The visual inspection is done using the latest technology like a thermal imaging camera, humidity reader, and moisture meter. After that is complete, you will agree upon a plan for Chicago Mold Testing.

Air samples will be taken to determine if your indoor environment has elevated mold spores in the air. Additional air samples provide more useful information like how far the problem has spread in order to consolidate the area that needs to be contained for Chicago mold removal. This will help you save money by making sure work is only being done in areas with a problem. Surface samples are taken via swabs when visual growth is present. This is done to confirm that the air quality issues are indeed coming from that specific problem area. It is also done because toxic black mold is not easily airborne.

After all the samples are collected and information is gathered. The Mold Test Chicago will be sent to an independent laboratory for analysis. Everything will be put together to make a detailed report. This will tell you whether your indoor air quality contains elevated levels and whether or not you need Chicago mold removal. In cases where remediation is necessary, we will also provide a protocol for removal. Our report will also include exactly what needs to be done and whether you could do it yourself or need to hire someone else.

Here at CMT, we are proud to state that our inspections are done with no conflict of interest. Since we are not hands on involved in any part of the remediation process; you can trust that our results are facts. It makes no difference to us whether you have elevated levels or not, we are simply in business to provide you with the information. In fact, we are happy to deliver the news that the air quality in your home is not problematic and requires no work at all. On the other hand when there is a problem, our experience will give you guidelines for whatever company you choose to hire to do the work at the lowest possible cost.

If you do hire a professional company to do your mold removal, make sure you call us for a clearance test. Certain steps need to be taken that go beyond a typical remodeling. Using the proper cleaning techniques for both building materials and to return the air quality back to normal. These techniques include the use of biocide, HEPA vac, negative pressure, and air scrubbers. Failing to complete the job can lead to growth to continue and/or disturbed air quality. A clearance test avoids this by collecting an air sample from inside the contained area to ensure levels have returned to normal and the job is complete.